Thursday, October 25, 2012

Minion on the loose.

Tylan was pretty into watching Despicable Me last year. Well, as much as any two year old can be. That's actually one of my favorite kiddie movies for this generation. There are some that I can tolerate every once in a while, and others I could watch anytime. This was one of those for anytime. Anyways... He really like watching the Minions in the movie. So I decided to crochet up a doll.

I had seen lots of pictures floating around of different minion dolls and hats people were making. I decided to try it on my own!  I did a basic single crochet "ball" shape for the body, just extended it into a tube I guess you could say. After finishing the body, I made some arms and hands to sew on, and also added the face. After finishing all of those I made the overalls and legs. Those pieces are sewn together, so when you take take the outfit off he no longer has legs haha.

This is when he opened it. To be quite honest, although he liked it, he's more of a cars and super hero kinda guy. It really hasn't been played with that much, but I still like it.

When Halloween rolled around, I decided to make him into an adorable minion! I took it upon myself, once again, to make it....

Can't you tell he loved it???? I made the hat by doing a basic hat pattern in yellow, with a black stripe towards the bottom. I sewed on the "goggle eyes", and topped it off with some black yarn hair! I looked around at all the stores, but couldn't find a yellow shirt that was long sleeved and matched the yellow of the hat. So I searched Ravelry for a simple crochet sweater. I think I ended up finding a jacket with the front split open and buttons to hold it together. So I altered the pattern to keep it closed, and it worked out pretty well.

What??? You mean I get CANDY?!?!?!

Along with the crocheted hat and sweater, I went out and got some toddler sized black gloves, and a pair of overalls. With his black shoes he already had, my Minion was complete!

He was really nervous about venturing to the doors alone to trick or treat. Eventually he finally tried it out...... And they just happened to be all out of candy lol. He still had a good time "talking" to them though!

Halloween 2011....... SUCCESS!

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